Kimchiharu at SS15

I had a previous post about this restaurant but it was a different branch. The one i mentioned previously was at Jaya One and i really liked the food there. Since SS15 was nearer for us and i wanted to have their korean food we ended up here. Despite being lunch hour, we managed to…

Food | Hup Soon at SS3 (Western Food)

I was craving for fish and chips and suddenly i thought of this place which i went yearsss ago when i was that little loud happy kid (yes, that many years ago) or my dad would buy back the fish and chips from there and my brother and i would get excited about it. So…

Food: Arirang Korean BBQ & Cafe in Bandar Sunway

I really like their bulgogi beef. Their toppoki wasn’t that nice. The texture of it was not to my liking. I would prefer if it had a softer texture to it. We also ordered their seafood pancake with green onions which was pretty good!

Food: Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant

A sort of hidden restaurant as it is not noticeable from the main road, located at the corner along Old Klang Road and just on the fringe of Taman Desa. Apparently it can be very packed and you can see people queuing up even from outside the restaurant. Of course sushi. Environment was nice.

Food : Le Ten, Dubai

Since we were in Dubai during Chinese New Year, we had our family CNY dinner in Dubai in this Chinese Restaurant called Le Ten in the Dubai Mall. Most of the restaurants were packed with people but i somehow spotted this restaurant and it was totally empty! So my family agreed to have our dinner…