Young love vs Loving as an adult

I am pretty sure most of us has been there. During our younger teenager days we would have a crush on someone and just getting a text from them or see them around would make our day. We would have this admiration for them and we easily open our hearts with welcoming arms. Seeing them gave us that butterfly feeling in our stomach and making our heart skip with joy.

Love was so easy.

While some of us may have found our ‘forever love’ some of us, on the other hand faced heartbreaks. Or if you are lucky, just a heartbreak. These events changes us. A person can change within a year. Their perspective of love and life itself.

Every time we meet someone new and feel like we connect with them, we would doubt his/her intentions. Become skeptical of him or her. Are they here to stay or will they eventually leave, destroying everything that we have built up? Then we think, we have too much to lose. Too much to lose this time. Everything we painstakingly built up the past months or years. Just too much. Too much. We cannot let that happen again. We cannot go through that again.

Terrified of love. We think; look what love has done to us. Thinking of the nights we cried till we eventually fell asleep. Reminded of the hurt and pain we went through.

Then, we disconnect with them.

And eventually, they fizzle off.

This process may repeat for years or until we are willing to open up our hearts again and love as freely as we first did.

Love is a strange feeling even the deepest philosopher can’t put into words. Maybe that’s why the smartest adults are wary when it comes to love.


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