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Pupillage experience 2

Few months left of my pupillage. Exploring what i really want. To be honest, i am still not that sure but i think i am falling towards a few areas. I do find it rather interesting  learning about all the different kinds of businesses and their businesses terms. I met and got to speak to lawyers during the talks/seminars. I managed to get a better understanding of the different areas. Law has so many areas. Had a conversation with a friend about that and it really stimulated my brain, thinking about what i really want to do etc.

So far, i have done filing of the documents (thank god for e-filing now, the internet!) and the e-filing Fasa 2 is pretty fast and efficient, drafted affidavits, written submissions and more. I quite enjoy drafting out the affidavits and written submissions.

I’ve finally gotten my legal aid. I got the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC). I’ve done my ethics modules, i just need to do the essays and the face-to-face training.


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