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First love


Just for the record, i do not like receiving real flowers because they eventually die out and i think that they should just be left in their natural environment. 


Have you had your first love yet? I think  that it does not matter when you have your first love. What matters to me is what you went through with them (in the case if your first love is not your last). However, if you are lucky enough your first love would be your last. And i don’t know why i just feel happy for my friends who do have and still are with their first loves or friends whom are just that sweet, down-to-earth couples.

To me first love is about the innocence, the strong emotions and that no matter the time, distance or silence between two people it doesn’t change a thing because love prevails. Or at least, that is what i have always believed ‘love’ to be (very innocent thinking yeah). I am going to be honest here, despite coming from a science student background i have never thought of any of those ‘physical stuffs’. Now, i am not saying it is wrong to think like so if you have the desire or do so with your partner but it never crossed my mind and i just had very strong emotions towards the person. Funny how some people thought i was not a virgin when i was 19/20. I guess you can say, i am a very old-fashioned person. Lol.

When you see them or get a text from them you would be smiling to yourself. That moment when the feeling is mutual. When you first held hands. When love quotes make you smile and think of them. First movie together. First date. People would tease you guys. Anything from them feels special. When hearing their voice or their laugh makes you smile. When you see a shirt and want to get it for them. When they bring ice-cream for you and you think that is already sweet. When their family is nice to you too.

First love efforts are the sweetest.

My first love is not my last but my first love has taught me so much about life itself. How big the world is that i had yet to explore and how people can be really mean towards you just to get what they want and bias.

And i think these lessons equally matters.

And to my first love i hope you find true love because you are, honestly, a good person.


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