Criminal Procedure Notes : Charges

I read about the change in the Criminal Procedure exam format (whether it is still going to be carried out for the coming CLP exam this year August i am not that sure), that being that there is now a compulsory question.

The unfair part about this is that it was only posted on the Legal Profession Qualifying Board allegedly around late May (from what i read).

With that, i am going to share some of my criminal procedure notes. This is one of my notes i used to read before the day of the exam itself. I tried to shorten and summarize it as much as i could (but being me, i literally think almost everything is important). So i tried my best.

I just go back from the office, showered and had a roti canai for dinner and now here i am posting how my final notes turned out for the chapter of Charges.

Hope this helps you CLP students!









Sample of writing for a charge.




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