Kimchiharu at SS15

I had a previous post about this restaurant but it was a different branch. The one i mentioned previously was at Jaya One and i really liked the food there. Since SS15 was nearer for us and i wanted to have their korean food we ended up here. Despite being lunch hour, we managed to get a parking in SS15 which is mostly already taken by students (as i saw many P driver stickers on the cars).

However, in this branch i was really disappointed.



Firstly, their service is slow. I think they lack of workers. The students sitting next to us waited for their meals for a pretty long time and the look on their face was quite pitiful to me. Aha.

However, despite the slow service they were still polite. The food were not as nice as the one in Jaya One (or so i hope because it has been a few years since i’ve last been to the Jaya One branch).


Their korean beef bulgogi came to me being very dry! You can even see it in the photo! But when we asked the worker to add soup to it as it was too dry, he did. However, the taste was just not the same for me still as to why i was disappointed about it. Also, their side dish given does not taste the same too. The one with anchovies and peanuts were not as nice too. The kimchi was not bad though.

I want to go back to the Jaya One branch and hope that the taste is still nice as my taste-buds tasted it years ago.




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