One or two months preparation before the CLP exams!

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And so as i said that i would post some tips in relation to how to study and prepare for the CLP exams.

Just so to be clear, i am not awarded as “best overall student” that award went to a girl name, Tan Sze Ni but i am someone that do not like to fail in things or at least to fail twice in anything i do.

Here are some tips to what i did at least a month or two before the exams.

  1. I attended revision classes (this is very important and very helpful).
  2. If i do not attend the revision classes i will be doing my own reading and revision in the library. Why i do this? Because i feel i can cover more things when i do my own revision in the library than being in the revision class itself but this is me because i’ve been doing my own reading and i push myself to do it not because i need to go for classes to actually study. It depends on your preference and what works for you.
  3. Make your own notes! Don’t be lazy and just read unless you have photogenic memory which probably would help a lot! Doing your own notes eases your reading before entering the exam hall.
  4. Summarise your notes! This is very helpful and best done by doing handwritten notes. You may type out your notes if you want to, whichever way works for you.
  5. Please do not have the mind-set that CLP is not easy. Before i started this course i’ve had people telling me how many people fail this course and how difficult it is to pass but nobody told me there are people that do pass this course! I only heard stories of how people have to take the course a few times to pass and even after a few attempts they still can’t pass it. I do not deny this affected me in the beginning but as i said i am someone that do not really like to fail in things and what more the thought of failing a few times ! So i forgot about all those stories i heard and just focus on ME.
  6. Focus. You only got one to two months left before the actual exams. Keep your focus on your CLP subjects. You can take a break in between but when you are doing your reading and notes make sure you are 100% focus on it. What helps me is getting myself comfortable and perhaps listen to some up-lifting music when i do my reading (i like trance music and all that kind of music, again which ever works for you).

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