Food | Hup Soon at SS3 (Western Food)

I was craving for fish and chips and suddenly i thought of this place which i went yearsss ago when i was that little loud happy kid (yes, that many years ago) or my dad would buy back the fish and chips from there and my brother and i would get excited about it.

So we went there for dinner and the western stall was still open and around! They said they close on Tuesday nights and on other days at least till 11:30pm or until there is no more customers.

Obviously i ordered the fish and chips but of course they had other western food available. My dad prefers the chicken chop. What i like about their fish and chips is the ‘old-school’ feel of it and it is simple yet so good. I also like the bread they provide (of what i know now, it is called ‘Taiwan bread’). This might be weird but i would make my own burger with the bread provided by them. I would put ketchup/tomato sauce together with the fish already dipped with their special sauce (which i love) and i would even add the french fries in. It is really good! πŸ˜›


I took a bite out of the bread as i was too hungry. Quality is still about the same but i wish there were more french fries. They have reduced the amount of french fries given. 😦


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