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Wonder Woman


It is finally the weekends, so finally got the time to watch Wonder Woman. The bro wanted to watch it so took him out for some sister and brother quality time lol. Despite the hype, i think the movie was just good. It was not as great as i heard about it. Nevertheless, the story-line and the message it leaves to the viewers is really good.

Choosing Gal Gadot as Diana (Wonder Woman) is a perfect choice. She suits it so well and she is so pretty! Let us not forget the character Antiope acted by Robin Wright. The scene where she simultaneously shoot a trio of arrows into the chests of the German soldiers and how she saved Diana were good scenes.

While i am at it, i am just going to talk about some amazing women that inspire me and/or that i think are really inspiring people.

  1. Obviously, my mom. She is smart and has a generous heart. She took care of me since i was just a little human unable to speak a word or do anything with my own hands and feet and raised me to become the person i am. When i was born, the economy was bad but she still managed to take care of me. Overall she is amazing.
  2. Lilia or also known as Lily Like on youtube and her blog :- . What i like about her is that she does videos on youtube about her journey in law school and her fashion is nice.
  3. Caely Yo. A fellow Malaysian girl and reading law too! I equally enjoy watching her youtube videos and her taste in fashion is somewhat like mine (Monki, Zara etc). I also feel like we share some things in common like how we need a table with a lot of space whenever we do our reading/studying because we would be using so many books and materials haha.
  4. Tan Sri P G Lim or Lim Phaik Gan. She was a British-born Malaysian lawyer and brought up in Penang. Did you know that she is one of the first female lawyers to practice in Malaysia? She comes from a family of lawyers and her passion to advocate for those that cannot fight for themselves is really something. I found it interesting reading about her.



Top and jumper – Forever 21

I did not buy any clothes (something i tell myself try not to, although i can afford it but priorities aha). This pastel pink colour is pretty though.


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