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Travel | Singapore 2

My stay in Singapore this time was quite a rush compared to the past few times that i have visited Singapore.

We were busy during the day so the only free time we had was during late in the evening. This was my first time visiting the Gardens by the Bay. There are a few awe-inspiring ‘gardens’/’attractions to visit there. Each of the ‘gardens’ have their own ticket pricing.

Since we only had time to go for one of the ‘gardens’, we opted for the Cloud Forest because we can already see from outside the waterfall and we thought it was breathtaking. We also didn’t have time to slowly go through the whole Cloud Forest garden but we managed to go through almost everything there.

Do you know about the climate change issue? There was a video showing about the climate changes issue. Are you taking any action about it? My dear readers, it is for real. Especially my fellow Malaysian readers whom some i know cannot live without an air conditioner.

Anyway, here are the photos of my visit of the beautiful man-made air-conditioned forest,  the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Oh the irony!








Not so sure what is this but it is pretty intriguing.






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