It ain’t me – Kygo ft Selena Gomez

I think the older we get the more disconnected we become with people. Disconnected in a way that whatever memories you have had with them just fades away and all of the sudden you just don’t talk to them anymore. I know the most common reason people become ‘disconnected’ with others is because they have other commitments such as their lover or their own family.

However, in my case i beg to differ.

These are my honest stories. The ones i have been keeping to myself. Mostly in regards to friendship.

I’ve had a friend back in high school. She was someone that people made fun of and so i decided to create a friendship with her. I found her to be a good person too but years on of our friendship she ‘back-stabbed’ or ‘betrayed’ me. The brief facts are that she told a mutual friend of ours that i said something about that mutual friend of ours which i did not. But when i talked with that mutual friend of ours i never mentioned what that friend said because i still wanted their friendship to be preserved and so it did.

Next, i was pretty close with this girl during my college years. I’ve known her since high school too. However, recently or maybe like a year to two ago when i tried contacting her again she never replied me and i pretty much guess is ignoring me and want nothing to do with me. I still don’t know why though but i shall let that be that as it may. This kind of situation happened with a few other people but that is probably because of the ‘biasness’ situation.

Following these, i’ve just lost the energy to want to socialize and just developed this “i don’t care” attitude.

So as i mentioned in my “About me” one of my goals is to appreciate people that appreciate me.


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