Solicitors’ Remuneration (Amendment) Order 2017 (SRAO)

Probably expected that there will be an increase in the legal fees for people buying property. Lawyers are allowed to give discounts on certain property matters Paragraph 6 of the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 2006 (SRO 2006) expressly prohibited lawyers from giving discounts on the stipulated scale fees. The old Paragraph 6 of the SRO 2006…

Civil Procedure : Summary Judgment 1

O.14 RC 2012 – applicable to most actions begun by writ. O.81 – actions for specific performance. O.89 – actions for recovery of land from squatters. Civil actions begun by writ, Plaintiff will apply for summary judgment under O.14 where Defendant has no meritorious/worthy defence except to delay proceedings by making bare denials. Summary judgment…

Food: Arirang Korean BBQ & Cafe in Bandar Sunway

I really like their bulgogi beef. Their toppoki wasn’t that nice. The texture of it was not to my liking. I would prefer if it had a softer texture to it. We also ordered their seafood pancake with green onions which was pretty good!

Food: Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant

A sort of hidden restaurant as it is not noticeable from the main road, located at the corner along Old Klang Road and just on the fringe of Taman Desa. Apparently it can be very packed and you can see people queuing up even from outside the restaurant. Of course sushi. Environment was nice.

Civil Procedure: Preliminary Matters

As the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) exams are nearing and i have some spare time. I would just like to share some of my notes that i used when i was going to sit for the CLP exams. What is cause of action? *Cooke v Gill – Bret J defined “cause of action” as…