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The Avener – To Let Myself Go ft. Ane Brun



Well those that have known me for quite some time, yes i loveee dolphins and i wish one day i get to interact with them in real life. To be able to swim with one if one of my dream wish-list. Not such an impossible dream but i still have not gotten the chance. T_T


Top – Zara

Skirt – H&M 

Anyway, this year CNY i did not really buy any new clothes, except for a top for work. I did not buy anything else. I know it is a tradition to buy new clothes because like new year… but recently i do not find the need to buy new clothes just for the sake of that. Plus, i have not been to a shopping mall for shopping since i started working.

This is going to be a random post but i’ve been quite a big spender when i was studying in UK. I did not keep track of my spending. Like, before i had to fly back to my home country i only had enough cash for the transport to the airport. Yes, i am dead serious. LOL. Well, to be fair i actually thought i had more than enough but it turned out i did not and i did not realise where my cash was spent on. :/ And my friends wanted to go to London the day before, if i had joined them i would not have had enough for my transport to the airport. You do not want to know how much i spent the whole time i was in UK but it included everything; my books, transport, travel, food, clothes etc.

However, i think because of that, it taught me a lesson and i’ve learnt to keep track of my expenses/money.  Better late than never.

I’m slightly independent than before now (because i still live with my family aha). I’ve even already paid a few meals for my family. Though nothing big compared to what they have done for me but it has been something i have been wanting to do when i get to secure myself a job.

That is all for now. 🙂


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