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Pupillage experience 1

It has been about one month since i started my pupillage or as some people call it “chambering”.

I would like to share my pupillage experience on a monthly basis as like my very on journal on this journey.

First and foremost, I am being exposed to both litigation and conveyancing and i am truly grateful for this opportunity.

So far, as for litigation, i was given a chance to comment on Agreements. Not to forget the binding of documents! While most people would find things such as binding of documents and photocopying a waste of their time during their pupillage, i used this time as an opportunity to read through the documents. Though, i cannot read from page to page especially those really thick documents such as involving an appeal case, but it allows me to roughly get an idea what the documents are about and not being ignorant about them. This is the kind of attitude i would advise for pupils to adopt.

On the other hand, as for conveyancing, there is a lot of drafting to do! What i have learned so far; while humans do make mistakes, try your best to lessen them. This is what i have felt so far. I am trying to minimize the mistakes that i have made. Also, do not be afraid to ask anything if you are not sure of.

I’ve also attended attended the introduction session. It is roughly a three hours session and there will be a small number of people. During my session i think there was roughly less than 30 people. I’ve met some friendly people and a familiar face there(unexpected heh).

Mr. Bernard Scott told me that it is a good thing that i did CLP instead of the Bar in the UK. Well, my story is from the start i had no intention of working as a lawyer in other countries so that is why i opted for CLP from the start. While the chairman of the Bar Committee, Mr. Salim Bashir commented that i have a nice name haha and he encourages us pupils to participate in the Bar events. What i am looking forward to is their sports events and also any one of their social functions organised by them. ^_^ All in all, i feel that the people that i met during the introduction session consists of very friendly and helpful people.

That is all for now. Till next time after my second month of pupillage. Need to work harder.


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