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Certificate in Legal Practice at Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

To be able to be a practicing lawyer, a Law Degree will not be sufficient. You still need to go through a few more hurdles. Luckily, though it is not as grueling to becoming a charted engineer. The duration is much shorter.

Instead of choosing to do the Bar in UK, i’ve decided even before i began my third year in my Law Degree that i would do the Malaysian course called Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) as i do not intend to work as a practicing lawyer in another country and plus i save a HUGE difference of money in tuition fees.

I did my CLP in Brickfields Asia College (BAC). You can only register yourself for the course in either their PJ or KL campus. (Lol feels like i am promoting for them). I do find their materials given throughout the course helpful and i can even still refer to them during my pupillage.

As for classes, I went to both campuses for them. WAIT. I am not that crazy to attend all classes. Lol. What worked for me is that i spend more time doing my own reading than being in class. It may not work that way for you. It varies for people.

At the same time of doing my CLP i was also working. So i had to go for some of the night/weekend classes which i wanted a better understanding in the subject held in the KL campus.




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