Passing the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP)

CLP Books. Excluding the Advocacy book. I got that for my own reading. I’m blogging about this since i passed the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) examination. Will share some tips and my thoughts on this course. Firstly, as quoted by Office Parrots, “the CLP is notoriously hard to pass, and pass rates have fallen…

Travel: Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia

The Three Sisters. Selfie time on top of one of the sisters. Sounds wrong… And the journey through the Blue Mountain continues… More stairs… we almost died. Lol. Yeah, we drank the water. Survival. HAHA. We made it out alive. 🙂


It was my first time playing squash at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. The group name is now called Bang Bang Wall, for a reason xD ). Chun Keat kind of hit his head on the wall. Haha. Aftermath? I am aching all over. LOL. Especially my legs. It is hurting like hell even when i walk…..