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So, i had friends that would come up to me and ask for help in studies. During my A-levels and Degree time i have been one of the best students in class. Not to say i did excellent for my degree getting A’s/ First-Class for my subjects but i did fairly well. So, for today, i will share my study tips that was effective for me. It may differ for other people for some of them but here are my tips.

I would say that the most effective study plan for me that i followed through was during my A-levels time. I got As for my subjects despite going through a rough patch during that period. Yeah, i remember i was crying my eyes out when my exams were nearing but instead of thinking about that the whole time i pushed myself to study. The results? I got my As and i got an Excellence Awards too. Hoho.  🙂

By the way, there’s a story to this that i might post some day on here.

FYI, i did a Degree in Law in the beautiful city in UK, Oxford. One of my favorite cities in the UK. I would loveee to visit Oxford again someday.

However, i took up science stream back in my High School days and not the Art stream because i have this interest in Science. However, weirdly i ended up in law and cultivated a passion for it. Not going to lie though, i have this love-hate passion for Law. HAHA. Nonetheless, my curiosity for Science related stuffs is still not dead. If i could, i wish to become a doctor. But that dream will never happen because i will be so old by then. LOL. Basically, life is unpredictable. Haha.

Okay sorry about that grandma story… now moving on to the tips!

Go for your classes or… don’t go for them

Okay, so you might be wondering whattt, so which one?

For this tip, it varies from person to person. It may also depend on your reason for going to class? Your personality? Also, what course you are taking?

First and foremost, i am mainly talking on behalf of people taking Law Degree or Law Postgraduate Courses.

I highly recommend you should go for your classes if you are a socially busy person outside and not taking Law-related course. This is because, for Law, there is A LOT of reading to do. You can do your own reading anywhere. However, if you do not understand anything you can ask your Lecturers about any doubts you have.

On the other hand, at times i feel that i manage to do more reading when i do my own readings instead of going for classes (not really recommended though heh). Nonetheless, i would not only read what are in the books provided/recommended by the school but i also did my own research by using different means. This is why i enjoyed doing my assignments during my degree time. The day i got the assignment question i would start resourcing for my sources. (Yes, i am quite a nerd/geek in that way).

When i was taking up Science related subjects back in high school, i would take my chair to the front, sit infront of the teacher and ask about anything i was not sure of. So yeah, my love for, especially Biology and Chemistry was to that extent. Heh. So, i definitely recommend not to skip your classes for these kind of subjects or you will be lost.

Be hardworking

This is a must. Period.

Make your own notes!

You may think that just reading you can memorise things you need to know already. While this may work for people with photogenic memory, sadly i do not have that so i had to work hard by making my own notes.

You can design your notes in any way you want to. Sometimes my notes are pretty looking but sometimes they are very ugly. LOL.

Also, take note. Make your notes in advanced. Not last minute.

Do NOT study last minute

While this may work at times. It has its consequences. Lack of sleep mainly. But i always remind my friends to not study last minute. PLEASE. DON’T. Unless you can handle pressure very well but still, NO.

Practice, practice and more practice!

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. With more practice, you will become familiar and eventually it will become like a “daily habit” of yours. You will thank yourself for the time you spent on doing this.

Choose your environment wisely

Study environment that is! While i am someone that can study almost anywhere except where there are loud noises of people speaking especially. When people are talking around me i cannot study at all. So, i prefer to study with music on or without.

As for place, i can study at any place: at the library, at a cafe ( if there are not many people), in the kitchen, on the floor and on my bed (till i eventually fall asleep.. which usually lasts forrrr….). Mainly, indoors. I have not seen the sun in ages since i started Law School. Just kid! Well, half true.

Study buddy? 

While some people can study with friends in a group. I study best alone. I like and need A LOT of space on my table/bed when i do my studies. This is because i do not only refer to one material but i feel the need to refer to more than one material. This is for Law course that is.

If you find that studying with a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or in a group is more effective for you. Then go ahead!

What about my social life?

I still had a social life when i was studying. I still went out for concerts, went for holidays, met up with friends, play games and all. I tried to study when i usually go out with my family. Tried bringing out my book to do reading a few times before. Never works! HAHA.

So, basically, you need to learn to balance your time if you still want to have a social life.

Do not forget your priorities. If your priorities are excelling in your studies then keep that in mind and do not be tempted to going out partying and all that.

Choose your friends/people you surround yourself with wisely

Again, if your priority is to do well in your studies then surround yourself with people with that same goal; who are also into studies.

For me, i am quite a well-rounded person. I can mix with almost all kinds of people but i do choose my close friends wisely.

So, there you go, that is all my tips on how i studied during my student life.

Next, i will post on how i survived the Certificate in Legal Practice Course (CLP) and stories! It is not for the fainted heart.


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