Something inside me has changed

I don’t share such things publicly and usually keep it to myself but i feel that i just need to let this out here.

It sucks when you find out a “close” friend of yours instead of defending you against such a ridiculous comment or so called analysis done by someone else about you, end up just telling someone else about it. That is not the worst part though. I gave that friend a chance to explain himself/herself by asking about it. However, that person just acted like they do not know anything when in clear fact it is the exact opposite. (Note: I only knew the truth from someone else after i asked). I did feel something fishy from the way that person was speaking to me at that time but i gave the person the benefit of the doubt.

Funny thing is, that person is now obviously ignoring me. How funny is that. Of course, i still appreciate what that person has done for me but as of now i am not the one ignoring.

One of my best friend asked me, “How do you trust people after all that?”

Well, to be honest, i am glad that such things has happened to me. I feel like a different person but yet still the same. I guess what i am trying to say is that i know when to put boundaries and i do not get emotionally affected as much as before. I have finally reached my limit.

I guess it is because i’ve always lived on the assumption that i am amiable and will never intentionally hurt anyone. I’ve always felt doubly hurt when someone is hateful towards me, especially for no reason or for some silly reason.

I will still treat my loved ones with the same love and care of course. Nonetheless, those that have done wrong to me and yet worsts; just won’t admit their wrongdoings and won’t apologize at all, well i’m sorry to say this but it won’t be the same.

As much as it may make me sound bitchy; your loss is not my loss.

I am accepting changes and growth.


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