I had to experience an awful lot of changes recently. I would like to think these changes are not that bad for me as they have helped me in my personal growth; in becoming a better person. Those events that began with joys of laughters eventually became days and nights when i would be crying…

Don’t bother explaining.

β€œIt’s very important to know when to stop explaining yourself, because not everyone with ears listens with them.” ― Edmond Mbiaka Every word in that text message i have a rebuttal. However, i stopped short. I thought to myself; why should i be the childish one? Why should i retaliate  anger?  I even still wished…


A loss of a good friend is one to grief, A loss of a fake friend is one of relief.


Nice and comfortable. πŸ˜‰ Oh yeah the kitchen!

Food : Kungfu Paradise at KLCC

Got to catch up with a friend of mine and caught a movie to watch. Before the movie we were really hungry but did not know what to eat. So we went to the food court in KLCC and i decided to have this. My love for crispy food will never die. πŸ˜›

Food : Sushi Zanmai at 1 Utama

I was never a fan of sushi. I never understood the hype when people around me kept saying stuffs like, “Sushi is so good.”, “Omg i am craving for sushi. I want to have sushi.” The thought of sushi to me back then was. Eww. However, recently i tried different kinds of sushi and now…