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Food : Bison Cafe/ myNEWScafe at 1 Utama

This cafe used to be known as myNEWScafe but they have changed the name of it to Bison Cafe but the food served still pretty much stayed the same with some new additions. Price seems reasonable enough.
MyNEWS Fried Rice – RM 10.50 
This fried rice is a bit spicy itself and served with fried chicken wing, fried egg, some veggies and small portion of sambal. I wish they added more prawns to this fried rice and i was only able to find one small one inside and the rest of the meat was chicken chunks, which i did not like the idea much as there is already fried chicken wing provided.
Konglo Mee with Rendang Chicken – RM 10.90 
I liked the konglo mee and it was served with a fair enough amount of vegetables. I did not like the rendang chicken though. There is also an option of crispy chicken which i think i might like that better as i like crispy food.


Chicken Bolognais – RM 9.50 
This meal had quite an amount of chicken chunks in it. A simple spaghetti bolognais meal. Not really worth the price in my opinion.

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