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Food : The Daily Fix Cafe 得益啡 in Malacca

I usually drive down Malacca and the other day we made a spontaneous trip there. We arrived there quite early. Around 9 something in the morning and we were already in Jonker Street. We left KL around 7 in the morning.
Most shops/restaurants were not opened yet. While waiting for the Daily Fix cafe to open, we strolled around Jonker Street.
You can’t find a big sign on the building for this cafe but there are these sign boards outside that shows where it is once it is opened.
Their address:
55, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street) 
75200, Melaka.
Their opening hours are:
Monday – Friday : 10am – 5:30pm.
Weekends : 8:30am – 5:30pm
You will have to walk through a souvenier shop to enter this cafe as it is located at the back of the souvenier shop.
And we made it in. This cafe is well decorated with abundance of authentic vintage items. Their interior is definitely well-done. It gave me the feeling of a mind blowing ambiance, with a rustic and quaint vibe once I walked in.
You will have to make your order at the counter first, but they will serve the food to your table. Service was good. If you want water, they provide it for free via self-service. The indoor lighting is however quite dim as you can see from the above photo.

The Lot 
Our table had a small table lighting so i was able to snap this photo under it. It includes ham, scrambled eggs, sausage, small pancakes with butter and maple syrup, beans and side salad with mushrooms.
The best part of this meal i would have to say is the pancakes! After all, The Daily Fix Cafe does specialize in pancakes. If i ever were to go there again, i will definitely want to try their pancakes!
Other than that, the downside of this meal was that the ham was very salty for me.
As for drinks, here is their menu. I didn’t order any drinks that day.

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