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Food : A Pie Thing in Damansara Uptown

Went to try this place out as we were in the mood for pies. We ordered one savoury pie and one dessert pie. The place was quite small but cozy. It won’t be hard to find this place as their sign board, although simple yet it is very striking from afar.
128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, 
Petaling Jaya, 
Facebook Page:
Our pies came in a basket as seen above.
Chicken Mushroom Pie 
One of the best chicken mushroom pies I’ve had so far. A Pie Thing also offers three types of extra toppings of your choice (gravy, creamy mash potatoes and mash peas) with an extra charge. We only went with one topping, that is the gravy. I am not a fan of peas anyway. Even so, the pie tasted really good. However, perhaps the creamy mash potatoes would have added an extra-delicious, hearty and creamy taste to it.
Peanut Brownie Pie
Secondly is the dessert pie. Those that love peanut butter and Nutella will definitely love this. Or if you simply love brownies and sweet desserts. The crust was crunchy and near-molten centre rich with an increasinly ubiquitous Nutella, brownies and topped with crushed nuts made this dessert pie like heaven in my mouth! It was that good.
I was never a pie person but this shop brought pie to a whole new level for me. I will definitely want to go back there and have a try of these pies again and of the other pies they have to offer.

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