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Food : Ruyi & Lyn at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Had a gathering with some friends as one of them from Brunei came over. We decided to go to some fancy fine dining place to eat.
The restaurant opens for lunch from 12 – 3pm and reopens for dinner from 6pm – 2am.
I find it to be a unique restaurant to dine in as they serve contemporary East Asian concoctions. This place is hidden at the back of the mall on the fourth floor. The service was good. We were welcomed with warm smiles when we entered and they ushered us past the lounge and into the main hall where you will feel like you are walking for a catwalk or some Hollywood event as you will be walking on a lined red carpet.
This is what inside the hall looks like. I find the atmosphere and the lighting to be very nice. The table we sat at was quite dark though compared to other tables.
These were the two main dishes we ordered. Very interesting mixture and it was good too!
Definitely a place to try out once in a while if you’re in the mood for fine dining or if you want to take that special person to eat out. Valentines Day is coming soon. 😉

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