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Food : Rendezvous Corner in SS15, Subang Jaya

This restaurant is literally located at the corner. Nearby Shakespeare Boulangerie & Pastisserie.

This is how the inside of the restaurant look like from the corner. I would have to say that it is a nice and cozy place to have your meal. They also have outdoor tables with a giant screen screening movies at night. They have separate menus. I went to dine there for dinner, so we only had the chance to choose the meals and drinks from the dinner menu.
Cheese Macaroni – RM 13.80
Cheese Macaroni with only one sausage and it costs RM 13.80?! I personally think it is too over-priced. It did not lack of cheese though. But still… I can just boil my own macaroni and add whatever meat i want.


Mushroom chicken – RM 15.80
Standard mushroom chicken chop with fries and coleslaw. Nothing special about it but it did not taste bad. I would have to say that it was one of the best meals ordered that night. The sauce was good with a fair amount of mushrooms. Just for your information, the french fries were crispy; if you like soggy french fries (which i don’t understand why some people do).


Butter Milk Fish Rice – RM 8.80
I decided to go for the Asian food. Yes, they not only provide Western food but they also have an Asian food section in their menu.
Weirdly my meal came the last. When my family finished their meals, mine hasn’t even arrived yet. Even the people sitting next to us have finished their meals too. Not sure if they forgot my order (I doubt so though since i asked to check if my meal was ready) or they serve every Asian meals slow. Whatever the reason i was not too happy with this. A warning for those that can’t take spicy food, there’s cili padi in this butter milk fish rice. It had an alright taste to it, for me i did not like the cili padi.
Brownies Ice Cream – RM 9.80
As you can tell, it is a very small brownie. If you like soft brownies you might like this one. It was sweet with the ice cream and melted chocolate. I have a sweet tooth, so i liked this brownie. The crushed peanuts were thoughtful. As for the ice cream, you can choose any ice cream flavors as seen below.

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