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Food: Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at 1 Utama

Sliced Pork with Dry Nissin Noodle – RM 11.90
For this meal, there too much sauce for me. The term ‘dry’ nissin noodle just goes against its meaning as the bottom of the noodles got pretty soggy. As for the pork, it was fairly alright and if you like the fats of the pork they did not take it out. Also, you can tell that it lacks of vegetables but i suppose the egg compensates for it. As for the price, i find it a bit pricey to my liking but i suppose it is reasonable for a meal in a restaurant.


Crispy Banana with Ice cream – RM6.90
Now, let’s dig in to the dessert. My mom ordered this. Rather interesting dessert of crispy banana with ice cream as compared to usual desserts of either banana fritters with ice cream or banana split. I found it to be pretty good. However, i would like it to be crispier since after all it is called ‘crispy banana’. I do have a thing for fried crispy foods. It can be shared with two or three people, depending on how much you can eat.


Garlic bread with curry – Free 
This was free because we used the coupon for the month of January that Wong Kok provided us the last time we went there to eat. Every time you dine there, they will provide you coupons that you can be used for your next visit and their coupons are random as they always mix and match them. It can be used for a monthly basis or for random days. You can also have a choice between two meals/drinks from the coupon.
The garlic bread was good but the curry was not to my liking. It was a bit spicy for me, so maybe if you really like spicy food you might like it!
Well, this is one of my favourite restaurants to dine in but it can be pricey.

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