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New format for the CLP exam for Criminal Procedure paper

Apparently, with less than 2 months before the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) exams, there has been a notice of the change in the format for the Criminal Procedure exam paper. Perviously (during my time), we could answer any four questions out of seven questions in the Criminal Procedure paper. However, now "the change" require… Continue reading New format for the CLP exam for Criminal Procedure paper

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Kimchiharu at SS15

I had a previous post about this restaurant but it was a different branch. The one i mentioned previously was at Jaya One and i really liked the food there. Since SS15 was nearer for us and i wanted to have their korean food we ended up here. Despite being lunch hour, we managed to… Continue reading Kimchiharu at SS15

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Hup Soon at SS3 (Western Food)

I was craving for fish and chips and suddenly i thought of this place which i went yearsss ago when i was that little loud happy kid (yes, that many years ago) or my dad would buy back the fish and chips from there and my brother and i would get excited about it. So… Continue reading Hup Soon at SS3 (Western Food)

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Civil Procedure Notes – The Writ of Summons (Service)

What happens when despite several effort made to serve the Writ and/or the Statement of Claim, they could not be served on the other party which was posted to the other party's address and was returned undelivered or if the other party is 'evading service'? In this situation, the Claimant is advised to apply for… Continue reading Civil Procedure Notes – The Writ of Summons (Service)